Providing towing services to Mt Vernon and Westchester County

​When a motorist’s vehicle stops or won’t start it is understandable why they might begin to panic. They will now have to make decisions about what they will do to get themselves out of this situation. One of the best options for any motorist in Mount Vernon, New York is to contact ABS Towing. We are the preferred towing company in the area because of just how responsive we are to your service requests. 

You might not panic simply because you don’t know who to call but you may fear that you won’t have enough money to pay for the help that you need. We assure you that when you contact Mount Vernon Towing, we’ll work with your budget.

About Us
ABS Towing is your locally owned and operated towing company in Mount Vernon, New York. With the team that we have, we’re able to meet all of your towing demands. We have invested in the necessary fleet of vehicles and tools so that we can effectively address the needs of every motorist who reaches out to us for assistance. Since we know how important our tow trucks are to our business, we have them routinely serviced to keep them in good working condition at all times.


Regardless of the type of towing service that you need, wrecker service or heavy-duty towing, we have what we need to provide this to you. The tow truck drivers of Mount Vernon Towing have all received professional training and have been professionally vetted. We prove that our drivers are capable of assisting with your service needs no matter what your towing needs might be. Your service requests are answered immediately when you rely on Mount Vernon Towing. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated.

Man Towing a Car

With the level of experience that our tow truck drivers in Mount Vernon have, you can rest assured that they will correctly tow your vehicle to its final destination without incident. We immediately dispatch the necessary tow truck to wherever you are located in the area. Our towing services are available to you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Since our tow trucks are serviced regularly, you can be sure that we’ll be able to provide you with the help that you need when you need it the most.

Man Calling for Roadside Assistance

If you are stranded and you don’t know who you can count on to be there in a hurry, call ABS Towing. We act quickly to get you the help that you need by sending out our drivers as soon as we receive your request. With our roadside services, we’re able to get you back on the road sooner than later. You won’t be left waiting for too long before our driver arrives to get you back on the road.

Wrecked Car

When a vehicle has been involved in an accident, it is important that you contact a professional service that knows how to effectively haul your vehicle away. With our help, we’ll be able to legally and professionally tow your vehicle wherever you would like for us to, without incident. You’ll be able to receive wrecker services 24-hours a day.

Car Placed on Flatbed for Towing

One of the most effective ways to tow your vehicle is on a flatbed tow truck. This is the preferred method, as it puts less strain on your vehicle parts. It is also one of the safest ways to transport a vehicle, which is why it is used most often by most towing services. Our tow truck drivers have the necessary experience needed to effectively secure your vehicle to our flatbed tow truck.

Large Tractor Trailer Truck

If you have a large vehicle, such as a charter bus, big rig or industrial equipment that needs to be transported, you can contact ABS Towing to handle the job for you. We offer heavy duty towing that enables us to safely and effectively tow your heaviest items. Our tow trucks have the capability to effectively towing heavy items regardless of what it is. If you have an awkward, oversized vehicle that needs towing, let us handle the job for you.

Vehicle Towed for Prohibited Parking

When there is clearly marked signs prohibiting you from parking in a designated area, it would be in your best interest to avoid these areas if you do not want to be hit with a fine. If someone has parked in your driveway without authorization, contact ABS Towing. We are legally capable of towing any vehicle that is illegally parked where there is clearly marked signage prohibiting them from parking. Call us and we’ll reinforce the law on your behalf.

“We know exactly who to contact when we need roadside assistance, ABS Towing. They always offer us fast and affordable roadside services. They come highly recommended because of the level of service they offer. They are the most professional towing service in Mount Vernon, NY.” – Carol T.

We gave our daughter the name ofABS Towing when she needed roadside assistance. She was alone and afraid but we use their services so much it’s like they are family. She was very comforted by the thought of receiving their help. They never disappoint us and that is why we use their services.” – Charles L.

We continue to have problems with people parking on our property illegally. Thank goodness ABS Towing offers Parking Enforcement services. We would lose a lot of business if we didn’t have the help of these guys to legally remove the vehicles from our property. They act fast to remove the cars.” – Sandy L.


​We understand that there is always going to be someone in need of our assistance. This is why we offer our towing services 24-hours a day, 7days a week. When you find yourself in need of a responsive towing service in Mount Vernon, New York, give us a call at ABS Towing. We offer fast results!